Management Services

REO Asset Management NW inspects, protects and maintains your REO properties. With our maintenance services package, you can relax knowing that your REO portfolio is safeguarded by one of the most experienced and trusted firms in the industry.

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Initial Assessment

Based on our comprehensive review of your property, we'll provide you a detailed report of the current condition of the property and recommendations on differed maintenance and repairs to prepare the property for sale.

Property Maintenance

Unoccupied REO properties can deteriorate fast. REO Asset Management NW makes sure that your homes and their yards are well cared for throughout the year. Our maintenance services include:
  • Repairing exterior damage such as broken windows and damage from vandalism
  • Roof and gutter maintenance
  • Boarding up homes as necessary
  • Removing debris and trash from homes, including abandoned vehicles if needed
  • Lawn care and pool maintenance

For added convenience, you can authorize us to fix minor problems under a set dollar amount without having to contact you.

In addition, we provide before-and-after photographs of our repair and maintenance work in your account section of our Web site, so you can see the improvements to your properties yourself.


Winter presents special challenges for any home-especially unoccupied properties. REO Asset Management's complete winterization package will get your REO homes through the cold weather in great shape. Here are some of the steps we'll take to winterize your properties:
  • Water supply turned off at the meter
  • All building water lines are drained
  • Furnace thermostat set at 55 degrees
  • Furnace filter is cleaned
  • We ensure gutters and drainspouts are clean and functional



An unoccupied home is a target for theft and vandalism. REO Asset Management's securitization service protects your properties from these dangers. We'll re-key and replace existing locks and install a lockbox, so only you and approved visitors such as realtors will have access.

We can also arrange the installation of an electronic security system, security yard and window signs for increased deterrence and added peace of mind.

Ongoing Property Status Reports

With REO Asset Management, keeping tabs on the condition of your foreclosed properties is easy. Our ongoing inspection service gives you accurate, reliable reports on the state of your portfolio, all year long. We offer:
  • Weekly or monthly inspection schedules, depending on your needs
  • Thorough, on-the-ground inspections-not drive-by's
  • Multiple photos of the property with each inspection
  • Status updates to report theft, vandalism, fire, water or weather damage, or unauthorized occupancy

Each status report is uploaded to your account on the REO Web site, so getting the latest on your properties is just a few mouse clicks away.
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