Receivership Services

Lenders can face a painful dilemma when it comes to protecting and maintaining their pre-foreclosure real estate (homes delete). If they take no action, the properties -- often abandoned -- become easy targets for theft and vandalism. But if lenders step in to secure their pre-foreclosed properties, they assume the legal role of "mortgagee in possession." As the mortgagee in possession, lenders can be exposed to potential legal action by debtors for "locking" them out of the property, further delaying the foreclosure process.

Another dilemma for lenders is the collection of rents when those rents are being diverted. As receivers, REO can perform assignment of rent duties to ensure the lender receives collected rent revenue.

REO's receivership services give lenders an easy way to protect and maintain their pre-foreclosure properties while avoiding mortgagee in possession and the legal hassles that come with it. As your court-appointed custodial receiver, we'll provide you with regular monthly reports on the status of your pre-foreclosed properties and maintain your properties as necessary. Without any legal liability to worry about, you can concentrate on completing the foreclosure process and getting your homes back on the market as soon as possible.

If you're worried about maintaining your pre-foreclosure properties, contact us and we'll talk about how we can help you.
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