Valuation Services

You're eager to get your REO properties back on the market. But how much are your properties worth now? If your REO properties aren't completed yet, what will it cost to finish construction so you can put them up for sale? And what's the market like for properties such as yours?

REO Asset Management has nearly 25 years of experience appraising homes, estimating construction costs, and assessing market conditions. Trust us to produce the accurate information you need so you can budget appropriately and turn your stalled projects into revenue generators.

We offer four valuation services:

As-Is Appraisals

Based on our comprehensive review of your property, we'll tell you its current value so you can price it to sell.

Cost Estimating

What will it cost to rehabilitate your property so you can get it back on the market? With our cost estimating service, you'll know how much to budget for.

Subject-To-Completion Appraisals

Our subject-to-completion appraisal lets you know what your property will likely be worth after you've completed or repaired the property.

Market Feasibility Studies

Thinking of investing in new construction or rehabilitating your foreclosed properties? Before you invest you need complete, unbiased information about the current state of the particular market you're interested in. As your consultant, we'll provide you with this data so you can move forward with greater confidence.
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